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What Is A Special Education Advocate?

A special education advocate is a highly trained person with "specialized knowledge" about the disability and the educational and adult agency processes.  Also known as a parent advocate or educational/professional advocate, your advocate should have a working knowledge of the disability as well as sound understanding of laws and regulations which mandate services for: ages 0-3, special education K-22, and adult services 16+. An advocate is not an attorney nor a substitute for legal advice

Why should I Choose to hire an advocate?

  • Child was born with a disability and you don't know what to do.
  • New identification in Special Education.
  • Frustrated or concerned with current IEP.
  • Student is transitioning out of high school and needs to know what services, opportunities and support is available.
  • Adult with a disability needs more services, on their Individual Service Plan.
  • You have recently become a care provider for an individual with a disability or aging relative.

When do I Know it's time to seek help?

Seek help at anytime you feel you need more information in order to move forward.

What regions do we serve?

Although we are based in the Phoenix area, we travel anywhere in the United States where our services are needed.

For more information or to setup a strategy session call (307) 214-4815